On this page you will find training videos and tutorials for each of the tools that are available at SimpleSolutions. If you are not currently making use of all of our tools, review the training videos below to help you to decide if you’d like to add additional tools to your membership.

Quick links to specific tools

Quick links to general tutorials

AutoTweet training videos and tutorials

What is AutoTweet?

AutoTweet automatically publishes Tweets to your Twitter account. One of its most powerful features is the ability to use 'SpinTax'. This ensures that each time a Tweet is published it is completely unique.

AutoTweet is great for sharing inspirational quotes that boost your following, as well as promoting affiliate products on auto-pilot. Once set up, it runs completely automatically, publishing fresh content and profitable affiliate links to your Twitter account forever.

Step-by-Step Guide to using AutoTweet

Step 1 - An introduction

Step 2 -





AutoBlog training videos and tutorials

What is AutoBlog?

AutoBlog automatically publishes evergreen content to your blog. You can use it to feed multiple blogs forever by publishing a series of posts in rotation. Each time a post is republished SpinTax code ensures that it is totally unique.

AutoResponder training videos and tutorials

What is AutoResponder?

Traditional auto responders allow you to pre-load a series of emails that are sent out periodically to your subscribers. However, this is a little different…

Usually, when a subscriber reaches the end of your pre-loaded emails you stop emailing them, and stop making money. But now it’s possible to continue emailing them on auto-pilot forever.


Gallery training videos and tutorials


The secret to 100% passive income... that last FOREVER!

The tools that we provide at SimpleSolutions are 100% fully automated. Once set up, they can generate a passive income for you for the rest of your life. Watch the following video to discover how...

Go to SpinnerChief to create your free account (or choose one of their paid options) to make spinning your content even easier!





Before We Begin... A Quick Tour

Before we begin with the step by step tutorials, I'd like to give you a quick tour of the members area and explain a little bit about how you'll be using each section of the site to help build your business.

Step One - Creating a Google Account

As we are going to be using Blogger, which is a Google company, you will need to have a Google account. If you haven't already got one then click here for a comprehensive guide to creating your Google account. It's completely free and will give you access to excellent Google services such as GMail, YouTube and Blogger.

Step Two - Choosing a Market

Although is unlimited (so you can promote to as many markets as you like) you will start with just one. Watch the following video some helpful tips on choosing the right market for you...

Step Three - Creating Your Affiliate Account

To make money, you are going to be selling other peoples products as an affiliate. I recommend promoting products that are sold via ClickBank as they pay really high commissions and are very user friendly for beginners.

You will need to create a free ClickBank affiliate account, click here to visit their website and click on the Create Account button at the top of the page.

Step Four - Setting Up Your Auto-Responder

Before we can start focusing on traffic (internet speak for people that visit websites) you need to set up your first list and add a few messages to your auto-responder. By doing this first you will have a system in place that is ready to capture peoples email addresses straight away.

Go to SpinnerChief to spin your email message before you add it to the system.

Step Five - Creating a Blog

Now that you have some content in your Auto-Responder it's time to set up your blog with Blogger. The main goal of your blog is get people to join your email list, but we'll also be adding some links to help monetize your blog and increase its rank with Google.

To get started, head over to sign in with your Google account and click on 'Create Blog'. To find products to promote on your blog, visit the ClickBank marketplace, and for royalty free images I recommend using Pixabay.

In the video I mention that there is a way of changing the font of your blog description. It's complicated, but if it's something that you really want to do then click here for a full tutorial.

Step Six - Creating a Twitter Account

Next you need to create a Twitter account. This is much simpler than a blog, and at this stage you don't need to worry about adding any content, that will be done for you completely automatically when we connect your Twitter account to your blog.

Go to to create your Twitter account, and Pixabay for a royalty free image that you can use for your Twitter profile and background.

Step Seven - Adding High Demand Content and Getting Free Traffic

This is the most important video of your training, so be sure to watch carefully and take plenty of notes.

To begin, create an account with Quora
Go to SpinnerChief to spin your post before you add it to the system
Use Pixabay to add royalty free images to your answer on Quora and to your blog post

Step Eight - Auto-Posting to Blogger and Twitter

The following video shows you how to automatically post your promotions to Blogger and Twitter. Before starting, make sure you are logged into the Twitter and Blogger accounts that you want to use for your chosen campaign, then create a free account with IFTTT