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frequently asked questions

Every question that we've ever been asked (and plenty more that we brainstormed in the office) are all answered for you below. If you have a question then it's probably answered here. In addition to reading through this page, watch the videos on the guides page. The step-by-step guides walk you through every aspect of the business.

How much does List Builder Pro cost?

List Builder Pro is free. You never have to pay us a penny for this service. However, we also offer a premium membership option that costs $47 per month. If you'd like to know more about the benefits of premium membership please visit the upgrade page.

Are there any 'hidden' costs?

Kind of, but they are not hidden. To use List Builder Pro you need to use the services of a 3rd party company to manage your list for you. The cost for membership to this 3rd party company is $11.50 per month.

What does List Builder Pro do?

Basically, List Builder Pro helps you to build a highly targeted email list, then shows you how to make money from it.

Do List Builder Pro employees have access to my list?

No. The list is yours. We do not have any access to it at all.

If I decide to leave List Builder Pro can I take my list with me?


Can I build more than one list?


Why would I want to build a list?

It's the easiest and best way to make money online! Once you have a list of people that you know are interested in a specific subject you can sell products to them.

I have nothing to sell!

That's OK. You don't need to sell your own products. You can sell other peoples products using an affiliate link. We show you how to do this on the guides page.

I don't want to write emails!

You don't have to. On the guides page we show you where to find plenty of emails that are ready to use. You simply copy and paste them into your auto-responder.

What exactly is an auto-responder?

An auto-responder sends your emails for you. When a new subscriber is added to your auto-responder it will automatically start sending them emails. You can set up your auto-responder to send as many emails as you like. I have mine set to send out an email every other day for an entire year!

Do I need an auto-responder?

Yes. Without an auto-responder you can not use List Builder Pro. It is a vital part of your business.

How much does an auto-responder cost?

The auto-responder service that you need to use with List Builder Pro is supplied by a company called All In One Profits. They have two membership options, basic is $11.50 per month and pro is $21.74 per month. Either option will work with List Builder Pro.

Can I use a different auto-responder service?

No, we only support All In One Profits.

How much does it cost to upgrade?

If you decide to upgrade the cost is just $47 per month. You can upgrade your account to premium status at any time from the upgrade page

How much will I earn if I upgrade to premium status?

This depends on how many of your readers buy products. A typical product sells for about $47 and commissions are usually 50% to 75% of the sale price. Some of the products sell for anything up to $300 so you can earn very generous commission on each sale.

We also promote products that have a monthly subscription. If one of your readers purchases one of these you'll earn a commission every month for as long as they remain a member.

Of course, in addition to this, you'll also earn commission payments from All In One Profits when new members that you introduce to List Builder Pro sign up to their service.

I have a question that's not listed here!

If you have a question that isn't answered here then it will most certainly be covered in the step-by-step guides that we have prepared for you. The information revealed in the guides is extremely valuable and covers everything you need to know in order to develop a successful online business.

Of course if you've managed to think of a question that we didn't anticipate, and it's also not covered in any of the guides, then you're very welcome to email us and we'll get back to your ASAP. Our email address is (That's .club, not .com!)

We provide many other services too, so be sure to let us know in your email that your questions is about List Builder Pro.