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Quick Update... I mentioned the date as the 5th October 2016 on the video. It's now 2019 and since the video was recorded my partner and I have tied the knot! We got married on 7th October 2017... exactly 2 years and 2 days after we met on 5th October 2015! :) AutoTweets is still going very strong and we've had some wonderful feedback from our members, which you can read below.

From: Steven Hall

Dear Fellow Wealth Seeker...

Let me ask you the following questions...

  • "Do you want to make more money from the Internet than you are currently making from your day job?"

  • "Do you want a 100% PASSIVE INCOME, so you can spend your day doing whatever YOU want to do?"

  • "Are you willing to invest just 2 hours of your time tonight setting up a fully automated system that will continue to pay you for the rest of your life?"

If you answered YES to ANY of the above questions I have some very good news for you. Turn off your phone, lock the door, and read every single word on this page very carefully, because you're about to discover the secret to generating a 100% PASSIVE INCOME from the Internet.

But first, please allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Steven Hall, I'm 45 years old and I retired in 2003 (age 29) because I found a way to make more money online than I was making from my day job (as a mortgage advisor).

I mentioned my girlfriend in my introduction video, but I recorded that back in 2016. It's now 2019 and she's no longer my girlfriend.... she's now my wife. If you really want to get to know me, there's nothing more personal to me that I could share with you than a video of my special day...

I'm guessing that's not what you expected to see on a website about making money. I'm not a faceless website trying to sell you something. I'm a genuine, normal guy that's discovered a really awesome way to make money. And I want to share it with you.

So... now that you know me a little better (and my beautiful wife Karol) let's talk about money...

I'd like to show you a secret to making money online that I've been using to make thousands of dollars on auto-pilot every single week... without a product, a website or even a list.


Step #1

Find people that have a problem.

Step #2

Sell them a product that solves their problem.

Step #3


That's it. That's all there is to it. Follow these 3 simple steps you are guaranteed to make money. But how do you do this when....

  • You don't have a website
  • You don't have a list
  • You don't have any experience
  • You don't have anything to sell

Let's tackle each of these problems one at a time...

Problem #1

"I don't have a website!"


You don't need one. In fact, having you own website would hold you back! Rather than trying to make money from your own website (which would probably only have a few hundred visitors a month) you're going to make money from one of the most popular websites on the Internet...


Twitter has over 260,000,000 members! Tens of thousands of them are very happy to buy products to solve their problems or improve their life in some way. When you create a free twitter account you have instant access to all of those people.... and AutoTweets can sell products to them completely automatically!

Problem #2

"I don't have a list!"


You don't need one of those either.... however, if you'd like to start building one (which is a really good idea!) then you can do so completely automatically while you're making money using AutoTweets.

Problem #3

"I don't have any experience!"


That's OK. Can you Copy and Paste? That's all you need. I have created a series of 'over-the-shoulder' videos where I show you exactly what to do so that you can start today. Just watch and copy. I don't use any fancy words or technical jargon... my mother could do this!

Problem #4

"I don't have anything to sell!"


Sell other people's products! It's MUCH easier to sell other people's products than it is to sell (and have to create) your own. (More on this later!)

Question #1

"Why would people listen to me on Twitter? I don't even have a Twitter account."

In 30 minutes you'll have a Twitter account that's so awesome people will be falling over themselves to follow you. It'll be filled with the very latest (niche specific) news, bursting with value and promoting lots of products that will solve people's problems!

Best of all, thanks to AutoTweets... it'll be doing all of this COMPLETELY AUTOMATICALLY!


Question #2

"How do I sell other peoples products?"

As an affiliate! I'll show you a website where you can choose from tens of thousands of products to sell.

Pick one that you'd like to sell (one that solves a problem that your Twitter followers might have) and my system will automatically tell all of your Twitter followers about it.

When they buy it. You make money :)


Question #3

"How much money will I make?"

That's the million dollar question... As an example I use AutoTweets to promote a brilliant course about hypnosis to my Twitter followers. The course sells for $199 and I make 50% commission on every sale.

Within one month 12 of my followers bought the course and I made $1,164.00

That's just one product, being promoted completely automatically to one Twitter account. I sell lots of products, to several different twitter accounts, all completely automatically.

There are tens of thousands of products available for you to sell. Most of them pay 50% to 75% commission on the sale and sell for anything between $20 and $200+

There are also products you can sell that have an ongoing membership program. When you sell one of these then you get paid over and over again, every month for as long as the customer remains a member.

Selling other people's products using this system is awesome for lots of reasons. Let's take a moment to look at a few of them...

  • You can get started NOW. You don't have to waste months creating a product (That probably won't sell anyway!)
  • You don't have to deal with the customer! So you'll never have to answer any questions or speak to anybody.
  • You don't have to write a sales page! Believe me... Writing a sales page (like this one) is the harder than creating a product!!!


The easiest products to sell are the ones that solve people's problems. But how do you know what problem somebody might have? That's where your 'niche' comes in. When you set up your Twitter account you'll pick a target audience (a niche) for your account. For example, let's imagine that your chosen niche is golf.

What problems do golfers have,
that you can solve by selling them a product?

A very common problem is slicing the ball. (That's when you try to hit the ball straight but it curves to the right). Is there a product we can sell to fix this problem? YES! There are LOTS of them!

What if your chosen niche is fitness?

What problems do people into fitness have,
that you can solve by selling them a product?

They want to lose weight! Probably that stubborn belly fat that just won't budge. Is there a product for this that you can sell? YES! There are Lots of them!

You can choose almost ANY niche market and find dozens of products that solve dozens of problems. Here are just a few examples...

Problems waiting for solutions...

Problem: "My website isn't ranking on Google!"
Product Solution: "Google Ranking Beast"

You make an average of $150 per sale

Problem: I find it hard to focus when I'm playing golf!"
Product Solution: "Mind Factor - Train Your Golf Brain"

You make an average of $113.07 per sale

Problem: "I'm struggling to decorate my cup cakes!"
Product Solution: "Yummyarts Cake Decorating Membership"

You make an average of $665.41 per sale

Problem: "I always lose when I gamble!"
Product Solution: "The Picks Buffet Sports Handicapper"

You make an average of $1270.62 per sale

Problem: "I can't write sales copy for my website!"
Product Solution: "Swipe Vault Online Marketing Club"

You make an average of $1,348.82 per sale

Problem: "I'm struggling to get decent backlinks for my website"
Product Solution: "Magic Submitter"

You make an average of $1,235.82 per sale

Problem: "My child isn't reading well enough for their age!"
Product Solution: "Reading Head Start "

You make an average of $148.32 per sale

Problem: "My partner doesn't 'go down there' as much as I'd like!!!"
Product Solution: "BJ Power Play"

You make an average of $1,122.09 per sale

Problem: "I want my ex back!!!"
Product Solution: "The Breakup Cure"

You make an average of $312.81 per sale

Problem: "Almost ANYTHING you can think of, and a LOT more too!"
Product Solution: "Dozens to choose from!"


Let's recap...


To make money you are going to sell
products on Twitter that solve people's problems

Actually... that's not 100% true. Allow me to rephrase...

To make money, AutoTweets is going to automatically sell
products for you on Twitter that solve people's problems

BUT.... the system needs a little bit of help from you. You need to invest a couple of hours to set it up, and then just a one minute each day to help it to grow.

Oh, and this isn't going to happen over-night. It will take a little while to get started, but pretty soon it'll begin to snowball and then it basically runs itself.

When you get to this stage (or before) you can help some different people with new problems and do it all over again.... and again... and again....

That's one of the most wonderful things about this system. It's very easy to replicate. Essentially doubling your income each time you do.

AutoTweets is 100% beginner friendly. It's very easy to use and it works. Here are a few comments from our members:

Tim Stoker

"Let me tell you how pleased I am to have come across your site: its is the first time in years that I have found a program run by a genuine decent and intelligent fellow human! I have fallen prey to scammers, liars, gurus, et al, just like millions of other folk.

But when I found your AutoTweets idea, the penny finally dropped. This is SO sensible, logical and obvious, that a broad grin swept across my face as I read it all in one gulp."

Tim Stoker - Hamburg, Germany

Darrell Cridland

"I have been using Auto Tweets for a little while now. I liked the idea of the program being able to promote my offers for me on autopilot, I mean who wouldn’t these days, as we all lead busy lifestyles right? It’s also a great way to help build my twitter followers too, which will be very useful.

It is very straight forward to set up and helped by the fact that Steven has provided very easy to follow instructional videos that guide you step by step in how to get up and running quickly. He even give you tips on how to monetize it and use it to it’s full advantage! I highly recommend you have a look at it – see for yourself what it could do for you."

Darrell Cridland - Vietnam

Paulo Oliveira

"I really enjoy using Autotweets! It's fun and I can advertise all my important URLs. The greatest idea of Steven Hall's was to allow me to set a time frame for my Tweets to go out.
If you check this out I'm sure that you will get in and start using it TODAY!

Thank you for giving me this great opportunity, Steven!"

Paulo Oliveira - Massachusetts, USA

John Fagalde

"Having already used several auto-tweet applications I find Autotweets extremely easy to setup and use. The perfect time saving tool for all social network marketers, newbies as well as more experienced business people."

John Fagalde - Miami, Florida, USA

Lawrence Taffaro

"Autotweets automates advertising via Twitter (boring) part of my business, so I can focus on creating imaginative content for my core business."

Lawrence Taffaro - New Orleans, LA, USA

I invested a lot of time creating this system, testing it, tweaking it and perfecting it. It works on any computer... Mac, Windows, Linux, iPads, Smart Phones, Texas Instruments Speak and Spell.... OK that last one was a lie ;)

It's very easy to set up and (almost) completely passive.

As I said before, it takes a couple of hours to set up, then you'll need to invest about a minute each day. So not 100% passive, but pretty close. Of course, you can easily outsource that minute and then it'll be totally passive.

"Outsource" sounds kinda fancy.... If you have kids, or know somebody that does, they'll happily do the minute for you for a bit of extra pocket money. It's super easy to do and genuinely only takes a minute each day.

Share AutoTweets!

One AutoTweets membership can automate up to ten Twitter accounts.

If you like, you can use all 10 accounts yourself, and promote to 10 different niche markets. Or, if you prefer, you can share them with your family.

Why not let your kids have a go?

One AutoTweets membership is a very lucrative investment for your entire family. Each member of the household can use AutoTweets on a completely separate Twitter account, tapping into 10 completely different markets, all making money completely automatically.

During my many years online, I've never heard anybody make an offer like this. But I like to provide value for my customers. I'm very spiritual (as you probably guessed from my barefoot wedding) and I believe that the more value you put out, the more value you get back. So I run my business with that in mind, and treat my customers like family.

The Most Important Question of all...


"How much do I need to invest to use AutoTweets?"

Just $19.99 per month

That's about the same as Netflix + Spotify
Or Xbox Game Pass and one large pizza!


Why isn't it more expensive?


Because I don't make my money from selling AutoTweets. I make my money from using AutoTweets!

Twitter gives you access to millions of people with all kinds of problems. By using this system you're not competing with me or taking anything away from my business. But you're helping to solve more people's problems. And I like that a lot. It makes me feel kind of guilty that I ever considered keeping it to myself!

$19.99 per month adds up. A lot of people are using AutoTweets! And all of that money more than covers the cost of creating and running this system. I could have put a more realistic price tag on it.... like $99 per month, or even $199 per month. But I don't need to. So I didn't.

AutoTweets takes very little time to set up. Everything will be ready in just 2 hours. After that, you just need to invest about a minute each day.

Quitting Work Feels GREAT!

Because AutoTweets is so passive, you can do this alongside your day job until it replaces it. Obviously I didn't have AutoTweets when I retired back in 2003, I had to wait another 3 years before Twitter came along.

I was doing the same thing, just without Twitter's help... Trust me, it's much easier with Twitter!

I remember the day I retired so clearly. I was at my parents home and I told my mum that I was thinking about quitting work. She thought I was crazy, I was doing really well at the mortgage job and she was really proud of me. She loved telling people about "her Steven" and "his important job in the city"

But she supported me. As did my dad. I honestly believe that my dad felt that I was realising the dream that he never could. He was always looking for ways to make money outside of work but it just never happened for him.... but he didn't have the Internet!

It's really easy to make money online, I feel blessed to be alive today.

This is the first time in history that anybody, even somebody with no experience whatsoever can set up a completely passive business in just a few hours that will not only replace their day job, but continue providing them and their family with money for the rest of their life.

That's why I love the Internet. I still get distracted, just like everybody else. There's a lot of fun stuff on here too. But I was passionate enough about making money online that I managed to discipline myself to stay focused on my goal until I found a way.

Now it's your turn to join me and use AutoTweets to leverage the awesome power of the Internet so that it can provide you with a completely passive income for the rest of your life too.

To become a member of AutoTweets click on the 'Buy Now' button below. Once your payment has been processed, click on the button to return to my website and I'll see you in the member area.

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I provide as much value as possible to my customers because I believe that the more value I put out into the world the more value I get back. And I believe in treating people the way I like to be treated. That’s why I offer my unconditionally guarantee, if you’re not happy, for any reason at all, then I’m not happy accepting your money. 

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